Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC),

Plot 175/6 Kyadondo II Road, Kagugube Zone, Makerere,

P. O. Box 27516, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel: +256 392002512 (office)

IIDC is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to enhance and re-shape socio-economic development interventions, and innovations in selected key thematic areas across Africa.

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Co-Learning – A New Approach To Development!

Many of us working in the development sector have consistently asked ourselves what we can do better so that our programs and projects actually make a real difference in the lives of the poor communities.

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Our expertise is in program design, monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge management.

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Setting The Context

Over the past three decades, East Africa has seen an extensive increase in the number of development organizations that are working to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the many girls, boys, women and men.

The plethora of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in various sectors ranging from health to livelihoods is impressive. NGOs have taken remarkable strides in trying to change the status quo. Indeed, recent reports show that overall poverty rates seem to have reduced due to joint government, private sector and NGO efforts.

Despite these statistics, there is a sad paradox. Many of our communities continue to suffer severe social consequences, which can be attributed to issues such as rapid population growth.  These issues bring with them a set of questions as to what we can do better to make an impactful change in the lives of vulnerable girls, boys, women and men.

Taking Stock – Are we doing the right thing?

Working in East Africa brings with it diverse complexities that many development organisations are constantly dealing with. These NGOs continue to provide extensive resources whether financially or technically. But, are we taking a moment to ask ourselves why there is no marked change in the lives of communities? Are actually creating change? Is our work sustainable?  This is where IIDC comes in. A Ugandan-based organization, we work with partners at multiple levels of society to improve the lives of vulnerable communities across the continent. We take a unique approach to development by promoting learning and using evidence to make a difference. We take a holistic approach to programming and innovation in several areas including education and economic development.

For IIDC, it is about learning. We are a not-for-profit organization that looks to catalyse conversations, co-learning and creativity amongst actors who want to make a meaningful change in the lives of our vulnerable communities.

Learning from the Past and Moving forward (Where IIDC comes in)

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