What we do >

Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC) is a regional technical assistance organization that supports nonprofits in East Africa to develop and implement programmes that are evidence-based, effective, and sustainable.

We believe >

Collaboration rather than competition will strengthen development efforts.

We promote >

Co-learning, evidence-based interventions, and innovations.

How we support organizations >

IIDC supports the work of development partners and strengthens civil society by providing technical advice on diverse development issues. Our work is organized around four programmatic strands namely:

Learning and sharing: We build the knowledge base of organizations in topical development issues through experience sharing in annual learning events, learning cohorts, provision of knowledge resources and technical advisory support. Through these activities, they are able to strengthen and refine their action plans for stronger interventions.

Credit: Zach Vessels/Unsplash
Credit: Zach Vessels/Unsplash

Knowledge management: We support partners to improve their documentation in order to be more effective communicators of policy issues, engage stakeholders for results, and disseminate learning that adds to the body of evidence.

Programme support: Our Technical Advisors engage project managers to design and improve project design, monitor and conduct end of project evaluations to assess project outcomes and learn key lessons for more robust follow-on projects. We also provide technical support to grantees’ to effectively manage donor funding for better project results.

Organizational development: We build the capacity of organizations to implement policies, systems, and strategies that allow them to operate with integrity and excellence as well as showcase their work.

Donor grants management: IIDC manages small to medium sized project funds on behalf of donors and guides implementers on funders’ regulations. Both the funder and the implementer are assured of program implementation that meets the agreed standards and requirements in addition to the benefit of timely completion and achievement of program objectives.  Read more