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IIDC – It is about Impactful Change

Our expertise is in program design, monitoring, evaluation, learning and knowledge management. Working with partners who are implementing programs to change the lives of the poor, we take a unique approach to learning and development. As IIDC, we are not afraid to go back to the drawing board in order to unpack pertinent questions around sustainable change. We encourage our partners to take a step back and review their programmes, to listen to different voices and to focus on research to ensure that the evidence our partners have garnered can inform what everyone is doing to make a real difference. We remain inspired by what connections, collaboration and communication is doing to catalyse change.

Co-Learning – a new approach to development

Many of us working in the development sector have consistently asked ourselves what we can do better so that our programs and projects actually make a real difference in the lives of the poor communities. IIDC believes that we can learn from experience, we can draw from so-called failures and we can actually draw strength from what others are doing. We can no longer take a silo-approach to development work.

Connections and Conversations – bringing those dots together

How do we move to the next level? Connections, connections and connections matter. Whether it is at the govement, NGO  or private sector, it matters who one is learning from, what they are doing and how they are adopting their learnings. IIDC cpomes in to help organisations in East Africa to reflect, relearn and revise their programmes to ensure that the programs they are designing resonate with their target communities. It is about realities and relevance.

Communicating Change

Living and working in our own environment  here  in Africa, EA and Uganda, gives us a rare opportunity to interface with those most impacted by poverty. Increasingly we see a big disconnect between the lives of the people on the ground and those that are meant to be creating meaningful change. But, we also see the stories of change, we see successes, we hear testimonies and we listen to the right voices. As IIDC, we then get a chance to channel that information to the right platforms through how knowledge is managed and disemminated. These heart-rending stories are a stark reminder of the realities faced by many families. They are also testaments of hope based on evidence.

Our role is to support actors who are well-intentioned to engage more deeply and more realistically with the context and ensure that they are doing what is relevant and impactful to the real people.

Will we ever deal with the development paradox? Given our unique approach, we believe we can make a meaningful change taking stock of what we are doing, being honest enough about our successes and being willing to make those changes to our interventions.

Why you matter?

Passionate individuals either trigger or motivate action in society. IIDC therefore believes in working with partners ranging from implementing agencies, academicains, donors, thinktanks and the private sector. We have untapped knowledge that can actually make that difference that we require to create sustainable change. Development goes beyond government, and the onus is every individual to probe, to unlearn, to relearn and to redesign their objectives in society.

Being Bold enough to Challenge the Status Quo

  • Challenge – we probe, we listen and we learn
  • Concept – we challenge and help create the right interventions for any programme.
  • Catalyse – we act as a bridge between innovators. We ask the painful questions.
  • Collaborate – we create the spaces for partnerships.
  • Co-learn – we promote innovation and highlight case studies.
  • Co-create – we enable others to work together to develop approaches and interventions.
  • Confluence – different perspectives are brought to the fore and questioned to ensure that we come up with the right partnerships.
  • Communicate – we promote story-telling and documentation at all levels of society.

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