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In spite of decades of investment in different social sectors, development partners and nonprofits continue to grapple with the lack of significant and sustainable positive changes in communities around East Africa. IIDC is exploring innovations around technical assistance that can support organizations to design programmes that meet the actual needs of communities and continue to improve these interventions based on key learnings.

Questioning the status quo >

Challenge: We probe, we listen and we learn.
Concept: We challenge and help create the right interventions for any programme.
Catalyse: We act as a bridge between innovators. We ask the hard questions.
Collaborate: We create the spaces for partnerships.
Co-learn: We promote innovation and highlight case studies.
Co-create: We enable others to work together to develop approaches and interventions.
Confluence: Different perspectives are brought to the fore and questioned to ensure that we support the right partnerships.
Communicate: We promote story-telling and documentation in different, creative formats.

Annual Learning Convenings >

The annual learning convenings are regional events designed to deepen organizational understanding of learning and build capacity to nurture learning regularly.

Download Annual Learning Convening Reports:  2021 | 2020 | 2018 |  2017 |  2016

Learning frameworks >

IIDC organizes, facilitates and moderates learning meetings where we promote reflection for improved learning through practice. We also recommend platforms to capture and disseminate these learnings. As a learning organization, we are constantly strengthening our learning framework to serve our partners better.

  • Continuous project assessments and evaluations.
  • Refining the Theory of Change, Monitoring, and Evaluation frameworks.
  • Mentorship and capacity building. Testing and modifying models.
  • Synthesizing emerging knowledge for implementers.
  • Documenting project learning. Bridging the gap between research and practice.
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration.


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