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2018-03 Evaluation of HURINET project

Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC) was contracted evaluate an 18-months project called“Strengthening Institutional and Community Capacity to access Justice and Protect Human rights in Rwenzori Region, Uganda” since July 2017. The project, implemented by Hurinet-U was designed to address manifold challenges in Rwenzori. Some of the issues included competition for geo-cultural space; fraudulent land transactions; perceived or real political marginalisation driving the demand for separate districts; displacement as a result of armed conflicts; existence of large chunks of idle land owned by absentee landlords; imbalances in land allocation processes and delayed resettlement by Government among other drivers. This project is funded through HORIZONT3000 with 30% of the funding coming from HORIZONT3000 member organizations, namely DKA Austria and 70% funding from Austrian Development Cooperation/Agency implemented through HORIZONT3000. Overall, inspite of its infancy, results show that the facilitation of dialogue between different stakeholders including security agencies maybe the greatest impact of the project so far. Additionally, the establishment of the civil military committee will offer a platform for continuous engagement.

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