Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC),

Plot 175/6 Kyadondo II Road, Kagugube Zone, Makerere,

P. O. Box 27516, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel: +256 392002512 (office)

OUR EXPERTISE: Thematic Expertise

Thematic Expertise

IIDC believes in working partners at various levels. As an organisation based in Africa, we understand the challenges and work together to develop home-grown solutions that are also informed by best practices from across the globe.

Child Protection

We offer technical advice geared towards improving programming in child protection and elimination of violence against children. We also offer support in policy formulation including development of child protection ad safeguarding policies. We take a different approach by emphasising the need for learning and reflection.

Social Sector

We work to enhance social sector performance with a specific focus on economic strengthening, food security and education, through offering technical advice on trends, needs and tested approaches in social sector development.

Annual Convenings

We bring together experts from the policy and practice arena to creatively brainstorm on challenges and opportunities to redefine Africa’s development pathways in a more sustainable manner.