Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC),

Plot 175/6 Kyadondo II Road, Kagugube Zone, Makerere,

P. O. Box 27516, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel: +256 392002512 (office)

OUR EXPERTISE: Skills Development

Skills Development Expertise

We believe in the ethos that people are the one that make an organisation. Accordingly, IIDC brings with it an in-depth understanding of Capacity building and Mentoring in Leadership, Finance and Human Resources Management.Given our expertise we can provide tailor-made training based on the organisation’s needs. Our approach is centred around learning and refining organisational processes to suit the organisation’s values, strategies and tools.


People matter, and leadership matters even more. Our premise is that commitment, ethics, integrity and passion are pivotal to the success of any individual. In this regard, we work with organisations to provide training on human resource management and support to develop human resource policies that support an organisation and its people.

Financial Management

Accountability, governance and transparency are key for any organisation that is working to change the attitudes, behaviour and perspectives of those around them. As IIDC, we are firm that changes happen from within. Accordingly,  we conduct trainings in financial management and support to develop finance manuals. We also offer regular internal finance review and capacity building for non-finance managers. Our focus is on creating a new way of planning, budgeting, reporting and evaluating value-for-money