Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC),

Plot 175/6 Kyadondo II Road, Kagugube Zone, Makerere,

P. O. Box 27516, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel: +256 392002512 (office)

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our overall goal is to create resilient communities that are able to demand and protect their rights including the rights of vulnerable groups in Africa. Strengthening resilience is an essential component of IIDC’s development programming support. Communities with sustainable livelihoods, good levels of access to social services, accountable governments and vibrant civil society are less susceptible to hazards and when exposed are better able to recover.

Our purpose is to promote social development innovations that improve the wellbeing of vulnerable groups in Africa. IIDC achieves its goal by supporting the work of development partners and strengthening civil society through capacity building and knowledge management so that they can effectively implement social development innovations that impact poor and vulnerable groups in Africa.

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