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Demystifying Failure

Demystifying Failure

IIDC uses learnings to do things differently but with a clear goal of doing things better. We provide a space to question, positively, what you are doing and in a constructive way and explore ways of making it better and communicating it better to others. We are consistently challenging the status quo hence our approach as a technical assistance organization. We go on a journey of knowledge management together.

We are proud to be a learning partner who works and lives in East Africa as we continue to promote learnings based on global, regional, national and local context s– and renowned learning organization/partner in East Africa – learning and knowledge management. We aspire to be thoughtleaders in learning and knowledge management. We at IIDC, also believe that knowledge only grows if it is shared. We need to demystify the concept of sharings/innovations  because people need to share experiences, learn from each other, and see what is working/what is not working and how it can be improved. Our focus is on collaboration, coordination and communication. Together, we can do better.

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